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200 East 8th St. #303
Austin, Texas 78701
The United States


Open Arms is a social enterprise dedicated to people and the planet by employing refugee women at a living wage to make fashionable private label apparel, accessories, and products for socially conscious partners in the US. 



Open Arms is a USA-Made sustainable apparel and sewn goods manufacturer empowering refugee women through living wage employment.  

We are now a non-profit social enterprise
within the Multicultural Refugee Coalition

Empowering women through employment by providing living wages to refugees in
Austin, TX.

Preserving our planet by using socially conscious materials and
local production.

Creating jobs and boosting the economy with 100% USA-made manufacturing.

Every year, thousands of refugees flee oppression around the world and are resettled in America. To help them avoid the trap of poverty, Open Arms employs these heroic survivors at a living wage to create ethical fashion.

200 E. 8th St., #303 Austin, TX 78701